Twelve Blogs of Christmas

A couple of years ago I took vacation the week between Christmas and the New Year. It had been a long time since I had Christmas week off as I would volunteer to provide coverage so my teammates could take the time with their children since I had none of my own. I was looking forward to enjoying a week of relaxation and holiday festivities but found the holiday had become almost anti-climactic. Radio stations that just the day before had 24 hours of Christmas music suddenly had none. Most of the after Christmas sales were sparse because retailers had deeply discounted well before Christmas. Saddest of all was when I heard people talking about being glad that the holiday was over.

I did some research into the meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas which reminded me that Advent, preparation for Christmas, ends on Christmas Eve. The First Day of Christmas is today, Christmas Day. The Twelfth Day of Christmas is January 5 when we celebrate the Feast of the Three Kings bearing gifts to the Christ Child. In olden times, these twelve days were filled with gift giving and celebration. It was during this time of merriment that Shakespeare set his comedy, Twelfth Night.

Upon reflection, I believe one of the reasons we grow “tired” of the holiday is that we start preparing for it too far in advance. When I was growing up, we never decorated until after Thanksgiving. I still remember the disappointment I felt the first year when I saw a Christmas display before Halloween.  As a former project manager, I understand the importance of planning and preparation as well as how burnt out I could get when executing an intense project. Improv helped me to focus more on staying in the present moment which now do every day including the wonderful parties and visits during the holiday season.

As I spent time with close friends throughout December, they were excited to hear how I will be sharing my gifts and talents with my clients in the coming decade. Spending time with friends inspired me to write the Twelve Blogs of Christmas as a gift to all of you who have followed and supported me during my first year of business. During this period, I plan to truly speak from my heart to share inspiration and plans for the new decade. Some posts will feel like traditional blogs offering tips on how to apply improv and success principals in your life while others will be stories where I share my traditions and process.  I hope this gift will be impactful to you as we prepare for not only a whole New Year, but the start of a whole New Decade with the 20s. 

Happy Holidays!

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