The Story of Impactful Improv

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since my dream ended as my worst nightmare.  After pursuing a dream and a passion for over 3 decades to have it turn to ash in less than 6 months had left me devastated.   Not only did I feel destroyed, but I was living in Florida where I had a few friends, but not a strong network or support system.   Without any luck on the job front, I put the house I owned for less than a year back on the market and returned to my hometown near Pittsburgh to rebuild.

I was hired for a very respectable and well-paying job, but it is not one that inspires me.   Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very driven and passionate individual, so inspiration is a critical component of my career. After a few months in my new role, I knew I was going to need some guidance to launch a new job search to find the right role.

In hiring a coach, I expected someone would help me walk through my strengths and experiences, suggest networking events, brush up my resume and all the other standard prep that goes into a job search.  Lucky for me, fate would intervene in order to lead me to a coach that helped me to look at the bigger picture. 

So how does this all relate to Impactful Improv?  

 One of the exercises my coach identified were things I wish I could do again.  One of the activities was improv.  As we drilled down on why, I talked about how I became involved with improv.   My desire to continue focused on how I had benefitted personally and professionally through restored confidence and stronger interpersonal skills.   We talked about how many of these skills are not taught or exercised by many people.  This became the first of many sessions that coupled my experience with an opportunity to share what I learned from improv with others.   At the core of this new endeavor, my goal is to provide an opportunity for people to be able to experience some of the growth and joy I have through improv. 


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