Remember Gifts to Self during the Season for Giving

The marathon of 2019 is almost complete. While this is my favorite time of the year filled with family traditions and end of the year rituals, it is also a time that I often feel a little “beat-up.” In the “Reflection on This Year and Ringing in the New”, I talked about some of the tools I use for reflection and preparation. As much as I am proud of my successes, there have also been times of failure and loss throughout the year. Some years I have lost loved ones. Others I have had ego crumbling failures. This year, like most, had its share of smaller disappointments of opportunities missed or goals unachieved. Link that to the darkness of shorter days and I can find myself with a case of the winter blues. The holiday season reminds me to slow down a bit and invest time in some extra self-care. My instinct for this week is to achieve as much as I can, but I found it to be more important to take time to recharge and renew. In fact, my homework assignment for the Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind’s January Meeting is “share a gift to yourself during the holidays.” I thought in today’s blog, I would share some of my gifts that I not only enjoy but help me to keep my spirits bright.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Binge – The Hallmark Channel is one of the few places to still celebrate Christmas through the New Year. While most of their story lines are repeats from prior years and very predictable, I love being reminded that this is a season of hope and possibility.

No Alarm Naps – I love a good afternoon nap, but generally limit my naps to about 20 minutes. This week, I had several days where I finished the “must do” items in the morning and allowed myself a nap without setting an alarm where my body can get the rest it needs and wake up feeling refreshed.

Indulge in Great Food – In addition to an extra helping of my mom’s cooking, I also like to enjoy some desserts like Sarris Caramel Kringles and Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Sauce. Today, I will be my parents up to Tara – A Country Inn for a holiday brunch.  This can be a dangerous gift with the potential for some unhealthy habits. I found the key is to only indulge for a couple of days. When I attend holiday limit my portions and on other days, I consume fewer calories to avoid gaining weight throughout the season.

My gifts to myself help me to rest up and renew my hope.  Sometimes it can feel selfish to take the time for me, but as they say in the safety instructions on airplanes “place the oxygen mask on yourself first.” These gifts help provide the oxygen to ignite my new year.

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