New Opportunities and Contacts Can Lead to Possibilities and Outcomes Beyond Imagination

Today is the final of the 12 Days of Blogs series before I settle into a monthly blog cycle starting in February. I am not yet sure if 12 Days of Blogs will become an annual tradition like my personal 12 Days of Christmas Giving or if there will be a new opportunity that will present to honor the bridge between the years. In this final day of blog, I want to share a story of a special connection leading to new opportunities.

About a decade ago, I was traveling to Orlando for a getaway weekend. I arrived at the airport and was grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant. The restaurant was full, so I decided to offer the empty seat at my table to a traveler looking for one. I remember being friendly with the person but overall the meal and conversation were not memorable, but what happened after the traveler left is as vivid as if it were yesterday. One of the women at the table next to me leaned over and said, “I just need to tell you that you have an amazing personality.” I remember thinking that was strange and just said a simple “thank you” before paying my bill. Turns out that woman was on the same flight and came over to me at the gate. It was then that Kym Reck introduced herself and indicated she is always looking to meet great people as she expands her business and asked if we could exchange information in order to connect when we both returned to Pittsburgh. My philosophy is it never hurts to grab a cup of coffee to build a potential connection, so we exchanged cards. Little did I know that exchange would lead to one of the best decisions of my life.  Over lunch, I learned of our shared passion for helping women to be fully independent. Kym introduced me to different ways of generating income. At the time I was doing well and believed that by having a secure job, I didn’t need to prioritize the development of multiple sources of income. Kym would later become the mentor who helped me start my first E-Commerce business. I continue to apply so much of what I learned from Kym about life, relationships and business to grow Impactful Improv.

So why do I share this story? To encourage you to be open to new opportunities and building new connections. As I read so many friends social media posts reflecting on the past decade, many of them stated how they could not have imagined how great things would be. It is important to have a vision with plans and a roadmap, but I would argue it is just as important to be open to evaluate new opportunities which may be in line with your goals. Kym Reck was the first person who helped see the possibilities for wealth development. Since first working with Kym, I have had many new opportunities and ideas presented. Some opportunities will require immediate action and others may plant the seeds for the future. I have also learned to serve others by sharing my talents. Some may think I give too much away, but I learned the more I help others the more I grow and the more I grow the more successful I become. While I execute on my personal strategic plan, I look forward to seeing what amazing people and new opportunities will come into my life during this coming decade. I hope your decade is filled with abundant opportunities and great new connections who can build upon your dreams to stretch you to the next level.   

2 thoughts on “New Opportunities and Contacts Can Lead to Possibilities and Outcomes Beyond Imagination”

  1. I love this story. I find it sad that so many people are so skeptical and closed minded and they miss out on this kind of opportunity! I do believe it has everything to do with a person’s true identity and their willingness to be open minded enough to accept it. If you are presented with an opportunity, take it❤ I so look forward to making connections like this, thank you for sharing.

    1. I also feel sad when people don’t take advantage of new opportunities, especially when I think about the amazing things in my life that came from taking the chance. I wish you many amazing connections and opportunities in the coming year.

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