My Improv Beginnings

I can still remember the first time I saw an improv comedy show.   I was participating in the Walt Disney World College program and went with some friends to the Comedy Warehouse at Pleasure Island.   I can’t say I knew what to expect as my only experience with comedy had been movies and sitcoms, but I love to laugh so I wanted to check it out.  The show featured improv and was absolutely hilarious.   One of the things that impressed me and stuck with me through the years was how the performers would take a suggestion unplanned from the audience and create entire scenes and songs based around that suggestion on the spot.   I continued to enjoy an occasional episode of Who’s Line is it Anyway?  for entertainment and good laugh, but never really thought improv was something that I could do.

Fast forward more than a decade when I returned to graduate school.  The first week of my MBA program included team building with our first term teams was to play improv games.  This was the first time that I was able to play some simple games.   Our program was introduced by a team who applied their improv experience to business settings.  My MBA program had an Improv club and even interim course to further develop these skills.  At that time, I often had conflicts and was unable to attend but the seed was planted.

After graduation, I landed my dream job which ended like a nightmare after only 5 months.   One day I had gone to the library as part of my job search and saw flyer for a free improv class.   Through the class, I was able to help restore my confidence, get me out of my comfort zone and have a great time as I worked my way through a very tough transition.

That brings us to today and the upcoming launch of Impactful Improv.

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