Making the Most of Working with a Coach

The New Year has arrived. If you didn’t get a head start, it is time to make your resolutions and goals a reality. According to an Inc. article, only 8% of people who set goals achieve them. Maybe this year you made the decision to hire a coach to help you reach a higher level or finally achieve recurring goals. The past couple of days I shared my journey and tips on selecting a coach, but that is only the beginning. This month marks three years since I have been working with Rocco Cozza, my coach. In order to make the most of your financial and time coaching investment, here are a couple of pieces of advice:

Be Coachable

People often say that they want to make changes but when provided with options and opportunities they make excuses or fail to act. Listen to your coach with an open mind. Try to avoid words like “no” or “but” and instead work with your coach develop an action plan to overcome your roadblocks.

Be Vulnerable

A coach is not omniscient and doesn’t know all the choices and experiences that have been part of your journey.  As you work with your coach, don’t be afraid to dig deep in your reflection and share your findings. Together you can identify solutions to overcome whatever is holding you back.

Receive the Honest Truth

Sometimes the truth can be a hard to swallow. Make sure you allow your coach to be brutally honest with you. You didn’t hire your coach to be your cheerleader. In sports, the coach is helping to drive strategic plays during the game and pushing players to become their best during practice. There are plenty of other people in the stands of your life that can serve as the cheerleaders.  I have left many sessions with my coach feeling like the air had been let out of my balloon, but when I reflected upon the guidance and acted, amazing things began to happen.

Take Immediate Action

Follow-through on your action plan. In my experience failure to take immediate action yields no results and an ever-growing “to-do” list that can become overwhelming. The impossible is possible if you take consistent action to make it happen. I remember a training class where we had an exercise to put a straw through a raw potato. The key to the entire exercise is that you must use a follow-through motion with your arm so the straw will pass seemingly through the potato.

Remember Your Journey May Take Time

If you were setting out to do things that were easy “quick wins” you probably wouldn’t be working with a coach. Transformational change does not happen overnight, it comes through a series of personal breakthroughs and little everyday actions. When I hired Rocco, my original goal was to make a job change in 3 months, but it took me almost 3 years to make the needed changes.  My journey took a completely different direction than originally planned which required additional time for me to put the right elements in place and let go of old habits which were holding me back. Each time I made the decision to renew with my coach, I reflected and saw tremendous growth confirming I was on the right track.

At the end of the day, you own your journey. Each of has the same 24 hours in a day and our achievements reflect how we choose to spend that time. A coach cannot take the credit or blame for your achievements or failures. They can only help you to see different perspectives and offer guidance based on their experiences and training. Every time I thank Rocco for the role he has played in my transformation, he always reminds me that I have been the one to experience the breakthroughs and take the necessary actions.

I hope this blog can help you to make the most of your coaching experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel I can help you on your own transformational journey.

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