Commitment Beyond Comfort Zone

The last blog I wrote was in December 2017. Twelve months seem like a lifetime ago.  Impactful Improv was just getting ready to launch officially in January 2018 and I was starting my journey as a small business owner.  The inaugural year was full of the ups and downs I was expecting, but I am pleased to say overall it was a great first year and I am looking forward to growing in 2019.   One thing I have not done very well was to blog and post on social media.     I love facilitating workshops and interacting with participants helping them stretch outside their comfort zones.   I stretched myself beyond my comfort zone by taking comedy improv classes and joining Select Start, a short form student team, at Arcade Comedy Theater.   

My inspiration to start Impactful Improv was based on deep desire to help people to enhance interpersonal connections.  While my experience qualifies me to give talks on topics such as networking, communicating and resiliency, I wanted to provide an experience that was more interactive and fun in safe workshop environment.   To fulfill this goal, I chose improv games and exercises as a facilitation tool.    As I reflect on our inaugural year, I feel pride in the positive and honest feedback from participants to reinforce the content and continuously improve.  

The one thing I regret from last is that I have not been sharing my journey and improv lessons with a broader audience.  One of the reasons cited for participating in Impactful Improv workshops is to overcome fears of public speaking.  While I also used to have this fear, I have been able to turn it into a source of joy for me through personal development and practice.   However, I do have an unreasonable fear of posting online.   By nature, I am a shy and introverted individual.  Most people who meet me today see me as an open, friendly person.    I invested countless hours into self-development to shift my position on the scale between introvert and extrovert, but I am still a relatively shy person outside of my inner circles.   Recognizing that if I continue to ask participants to stretch, I must continue to grow outside of my comfort zone.  

To stretch this year, I have made the commitment to publish a blog every Sunday to share my journey and lessons through improv.   I hope the posts will help to inspire you to also stretch beyond your comfort zone and providing content that you can apply on your personal journey.

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